The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the conduct of business and affairs of New Gold and considers good governance to be an important factor in the effective operation of the Company.

The Board’s fundamental objectives are to enhance and preserve long-term shareholder value and to ensure that the Company meets its obligations on an ongoing basis and operates in a reliable and safe manner.

In performing its functions, the Board also considers the legitimate interests that its other stakeholders such as employees, customers and communities may have in the Company. Assistance in this regard is provided by the Health, Safety, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board.

In overseeing the conduct of the business, the Board, through the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, sets the standards of conduct for the Company.

At New Gold, we have always believed that the Company should be managed in an ethical manner and in keeping with high standards of social responsibility. This commitment is reflected in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and in our Health, Safety, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. We also subscribe to the principles, including governance standards, set out by major domestic and international bodies such as the UN Global Compact on Human Rights.