New Gold is an intermediate gold mining company. The Company has a portfolio of four producing assets and three significant development projects. The New Afton Mine in Canada, the Mesquite Mine in the United States, the Peak Mines in Australia and the Cerro San Pedro Mine in Mexico provide the Company with its current production base and solid foundation. In addition, New Gold owns 100% of the Rainy River and Blackwater projects, both in Canada, as well as 30% of the El Morro project located in Chile. New Gold’s objective is to be the leading intermediate gold producer, focused on the environment and social responsibility.

M&I Gold Resources, Inclusive of Reserves1
(millions of ounces)

M&I Gold Resources, Inclusive of Reserves Chart

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Total Cash Costs per Gold Ounce Sold2,3
(U.S. dollars per ounce)

Net Cash Generated from Operations Chart

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Adjusted Net Cash Generated
from Operations2
(millions of U.S. dollars)

Earnings from Mine Operations Chart

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(U.S. dollars in millions except where indicated otherwise) 2013 2012 2011
Operating Information
Gold production (oz) 397,688 411,892 387,155
Gold sales (oz) 391,823 395,535 391,890
Average realized price (US$/oz)2 1,337 1,551 1,460
Total cash costs (US$/oz), net of by-product sales2,3 377 421 446
All-in sustaining costs (US$/oz),
 net of by-product sales2,3 899 827 762
Measured and Indicated gold resources, inclusive of reserves (million oz)1 27.5 21.4 18.8
Financial Information
Revenues  779.7 791.3 695.9
Earnings from mine operations 166.8 330.6 315.2
Net earnings (loss) (191.2) 199.0 179.0
Adjusted net earnings2 61.3 183.5 187.8
Net cash generated from operations 171.9 235.8 229.5
Adjusted net cash generated from operations2 248.9 235.8 229.5
Cash and cash equivalents 414.4 687.8 309.4
Share Data
Earnings per basic share ($) (0.39) 0.43 0.42
Adjusted net earnings per basic share ($)2 0.13 0.40 0.44
Outstanding shares (basic) at December 31 (millions) 503 476 461